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by Tom Albrighton 4 April 2013 Free copywriting ebooks

abc_of_copywriting_mockupA couple of years ago, I published a paid-for ebook entitled Copywriting Masterclass. Now I’m relaunching a revised version, with a new title: The ABC of Copywriting.

Oh, and I’m changing the price too. To nothing.

The ABC of Copywriting contains all the best ‘how to’ posts from this blog, along with several sections written specially for the book. It’s 98 pages long and contains 27,379 carefully chosen words. If it was in a bookshop, you’d probably be paying about £10 for it. (The actual price, in case you missed it, is £0.)

I’ve now spent nearly 20 years working with words, the last eight as a professional freelance copywriter. I’ve always used this blog as a place to record what I’ve learned, or talk through the issues I’ve faced. So what you’re basically getting here is the brain of a seasoned commercial writer, squidged into a PDF and beamed into your own word-thirsty mind via the internet.

Here are a few of the things I cover in the book:

  • The five proven techniques for persuasive copywriting
  • The magic ingredient of every effective headline
  • Striking an honest, conversational tone to build rapport
  • How to use the power of NLP to hammer home your message
  • When to scare the reader with ‘negative benefits’
  • How to define tone of voice
  • Why you don’t need a USP to write hard-selling copy
  • How to write compelling calls to action
  • How to use ‘weasel words’ to bend the truth
  • Why customers are so bad at making decisions – and how that helps you.

Basically, everything you need to write powerful, punchy copy that gets results.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s what leading copywriter and trainer Andy Maslen says:

This is a succinct yet powerful guide to some of the advanced techniques you’ll need to make it as a copywriter.

Tom focuses in particular on the psychological aspects of copywriting: a wise move in my opinion, since emotions make sales happen.

He’s also taken real-world examples and analysed the techniques behind their creation, a valuable insight into the copywriter’s craft.

In case you don’t know Andy, he’s a hugely respected figure in the UK direct marketing industry, and the author of bestselling copywriting books like Write to Sell, 100 Great Copywriting Ideas and The Copywriting Sourcebook. Basically, he knows copywriting.

Did I mention it’s free? Well, it is. Just download it below and, if you like it, I’d appreciate a mention and a link in your social networks.

I really hope you enjoy the book, and welcome all comments below.

Click the icon to download the ebook in PDF format

Click the icon to download the ebook in PDF format

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  • Lana

    Paid with a Facebook post. 🙂 How can I get my copy of the book? Thank you!

  • tomalbrighton

    If you click on the ‘pay with a tweet’ button above, there are options to share via Facebook and LinkedIn as well as Twitter. Once you’ve done that, you should be redirected to the download. I don’t think it will work if you just post to Facebook normally. Hope that helps!

  • Lana

    Thank you for the info. I did that via Facebook but I wasn’t redirected, however it worked with Twitter so I managed to download the e-book. I’ve just browsed through the pages and it looks very thorough which is great. Thanks again, I’m looking forward to start reading it

  • Lucy Smith

    It’s telling me that the campaign doesn’t exist, and throwing a 110 error.

  • Sorry, not sure what happened there. I’ve just recreated the campaign from scratch and it seems to be working. Can you try again please?

  • madziorynda

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  • Lucy Smith

    Worked this time. Nice work – looks like it’ll be a good read. Thanks 🙂

  • Sorry about that. I will send you a copy via email.

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  • It worked for me and the book is good.

  • Apologies Robert, I have sent you a copy by email.

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    Thank you very much!!

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    Hi Tom! I’m sure it will be a very useful reading! Thank you very much!

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  • Facebook User

    Great way of sharing knowledge. Thank you and bless you 🙂

  • Tom, I just tried downloading it on Chrome and Safari. Both times it said it wasn’t working with those browsers even though it suggested I try Safari the second time around.

  • Great idea BTW. It just seems to be the PWAT system that’s letting it down at the mo.

  • I’ve just tried it in Safari 6.0.2 and Chrome 26.0.1410.43 and it worked with both no problems, so I’m not sure what the problem is there. If you let me have your email I can just send you a copy.

  • Thanks! I guess we can’t expect too much of things that are free…

  • AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much!! For a copywriter, this is a gold mine. 😉

  • Hi Tom, I really enjoy reading your blogs – it’s refreshing to find such an honest account of the life of a freelance copywriter. You do ‘tell it as it is’ and you have a healthy scepticism of social media too – none of the usual waffle so often found on Twitter etc.

    However, I’m having problems ‘paying with a tweet’ for your e-book. I’ve tried tweeting and posting on LinkedIn. Could you possibly email me a copy?


    Karen Bright

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  • Hi Karen, I’ve posted my comment on the book on my face book page. How can I get my free copy, please?

  • Tom, would it be possible for you to email the contents to me? My email address is email hidden; JavaScript is required. Thank you very much

  • A copy is on its way!

  • Thanks for the kind words Karen! A copy is on its way…

  • Lizzie Adamson-Brown

    Tom……I paid with a Tweet, but can’t download. Please could you email me a copy? Many thanks.

  • Hello, where is the download button? i already pay with a tweet.. 🙁

  • Cupu gak bisa :))

  • I’ve emailed you a copy.

  • An email copy is already with you!

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    Hi Tom
    I paid with a LinkedIn-post. I was a bit clumsy with the button here, so I did it directly on LinkedIn. Can you send me a copy by e-mail? Thank you!

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    Readable and interesting!!!

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  • Sure, just let me have your email…

  • Jayne Howarth

    I did it via LinkedIn but couldn’t see where to download the document (I didn’t think the advert alongside it was *it*)

  • I’ve sent you the link via email.

  • Anne

    I have ” tweeted” the article- how does the book arrive?

  • You need to do it via the ‘Pay With A Tweet’ button – but I’ve sent you a copy in case it isn’t working for you.

  • Melvin

    i have shared the link on facebook, could you send me a link to download the book?

  • Pam

    I clicked to share on Linked In, not sure how to download the book…

  • On the way!

  • I’ve sent you a link via email.

  • Christopher Awuku

    Thank you for this. As a new and aspiring copywriter, it’s good to see content and “how-to” guides from persons with greater experience!

  • Teresa De Vincenzo

    Thank you for your website, so inspiring. I posted the book on my FB page. Greetings!

  • Thanks Teresa!

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    done on Facebook. may I have a link to download the book?

  • Done!

  • done on facebook. may I have a link too?

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  • Should be with you now.

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  • I would love to learn how to put the pay with a tweet button on my page. 🙂

  • You’ll find all the details at

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    I just shared this on Facebook through the appropriate button, but didn’t get any download link. I don’t have a Twitter account. How do I download the ebook?

  • Sorry you had problems. I’ve sent you a link.

  • Sorry to hear you had problems. I’ve just tested the system and it worked OK for me. I’ve sent you a link to download the book directly.

  • No problem!

  • I’ve sent you a link.

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    I chanced upon your writing. I think I am going to be busy for a while now reading more of your work …..and may I request a copy of your book, please?. Many Thanks.

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    Managed to get thank you this has been really good. I am living in a country where ideas which have been around are like new ones. this is one of them, and utilizing such skills and knowledge to assist local companies either as a copywriter or just normal advertiser, need to help people focus on what they can get to actually increase sales. Love the books

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    Feedback greatly appreciated. Thank you very much! 🙂

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  • Kim Brettle

    Hello Tom. Thank you for allowing us mere mortals the chance to download your book and to learn from you. Thank you for your tiresome efforts and for sharing your knowledge with us it IS greatly appreciated. P.s. the redirection didn’t work or maybe after 2 yrs it has been taken down….? 🙂

  • Hi Kim. The download should still work. Can you let me know what is happening please?

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  • I think the system may have been down, but it seems to be working now. Thanks for the kind words about my blog.

  • tafi hanes

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  • Yes, the book is still available. ‘Pay With A Tweet’ is no longer working, so I’ve added a direct link instead. Hope you enjoy the book.

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    Cheers, Markus

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