Copywriting Made Simple Book

Copywriting is writing with purpose.

It’s about using words to reach people and change what they think, feel and do.

This easy-to-read guide will teach you all the essentials of copywriting, from understanding products, readers and benefits to closing the sale.

Illustrated throughout and packed with real-life examples, it’s the perfect introduction to copywriting today.

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  • Focus on what your reader really wants
  • Write a killer headline and choose the right structure
  • Harness the power of persuasion and psychology
  • Understand the product and the benefits it offers
  • Use 20 proven creative strategies
  • Create a unique tone of voice for a brand

Real world examples

Packed with dozens of real-world examples

Book illustration

Illustrated throughout

Online and offline marketing channels

Covers all types of marketing, online and offline


Tom is one of the best copywriters around. If you’re interested in learning the craft I’d thoroughly recommend this book.

Big Star Copywriting

Tom’s put a lifetime of learning into this book… An incredibly thorough briefing on copywriting

Dave Trott

Creative legend, agency founder, author and teacher

The best all-round introduction to copywriting… Packed with clear examples and easy-to-follow advice

Leif Kendall

Director of ProCopywriters, copywriter and author

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