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Jeyes UK corporate website

Jeyes UK wanted a new corporate website to reflect their updated brand proposition: a modern, relevant consumer brand with a wide range of products for ‘cleaning and freshening spaces and places’.

Working with senior executives and liaising with the client’s web developers, we created text for the entire site, from high-level ‘about us’ content right through to individual product pages and staff profiles based on phone interviews.


Jeyes UK Limited



Key aim

Reposition the Jeyes brand

What we wrote

Jeyes Fluid

The solution’s in the can

Jeyes Fluid is a remarkably versatile outdoor cleaner, trusted by generations of gardeners since Victorian times.

Today, the Jeyes Fluid range is bigger than ever. As well as the classic original fluid, the range also includes products for cleaning specific areas such as decking, paths and patios, drains, bins and barbecues.

With Jeyes, you can make your garden as clean and safe as the rest of your home!

Jeyes Fluid Outdoor Disinfectant

Original Jeyes Fluid Outdoor Disinfectant is a powerful multipurpose cleaner and disinfectant that’s ideal for a wide range of garden cleaning jobs.

Use Jeyes Fluid for clearing and freshening drains, scrubbing grime, mould and algae off paths or patios and cleaning up hygienically after pets. It’s also ideal for cleaning up outdoor furniture, greenhouses and garden tools. It even kills the H5N1 (bird flu) virus.

Jeyes Fluid Ready-to-Use

Jeyes Fluid Ready-to-Use trigger spray takes care of problems like bird mess on furniture and children’s toys on the spot.

It’s quick and easy to use, killing germs as well as removing dirt. It’s also perfect for disinfecting hutches, kennels, greenhouses and plant pots or containers.

There’s no need to dilute with water – just grab it from the shed and spray wherever and whenever you need a spot of powerful outdoor cleaning.

Jeyes Fluid Freshbin

Dustbins and wheelie bins can get dirty and smelly as fluid unavoidably leaks from bin bags. Jeyes Fluid Freshbin powder is the answer.

Just sprinkle the odour-neutralising powder into the bin and it will actually absorb excess moisture from the bottom of the bin, keeping it clean and fresh for longer.

Jeyes Fluid Freshbin powder comes in a handy shaker and is available in two great fragrances, original and lemon.

Dustbins and wheelie bins can attract flies, particularly in warm weather. Jeyes Fluid Freshbin Disinfectant spray kills flies and maggots, as well as cleaning and disinfecting the surface of your bin and leaving a fresh lemon fragrance.

Spray and wipe for quick, easy cleaning, or just spray and walk away for long-lasting freshness and protection from germs and insects.

Jeyes Freshbin is also safe and effective for use on indoor bins.

Jeyes Fluid Drain Unblocker

Blockages in outside drains can be a real problems, leading to water backing up and unpleasant smells.

Jeyes Fluid Drain Unblocker effectively cleans and clears exterior drains, breaking down leaves, silt and debris so they can be easily washed away. And it leaves the drain smelling fresh and clean too.

Jeyes Fluid Path & Patio

Jeyes Fluid Path & Patio removes dirt, algae and light oil stains from paved areas, concrete, stones and walls – quickly and easily.

The non-acidic formula will not damage natural stone and is completely harmless to pets and children.

Jeyes Fluid Decking Cleaner

Wooden decking is an attractive, convenient and low-maintenance way to enjoy your garden. But it’s important that your ‘outdoor room’ is kept clean and hygienic.

Jeyes Fluid Decking Cleaner is specially formulated to remove stains and algae without the need for scrubbing. It kills germs and mildew, leaving your decking clean and safe, and can also be used on wooden sheds and fences.

Jeyes Fluid Decking Cleaner is 100% safe to use around children and pets.

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