Posts that don’t fit anywhere else.

The beautiful park The beautiful park

If you loved something, why wouldn’t you want to share it?

Gaming’s greatest moment Gaming’s greatest moment

Why John Marston’s ride into Mexico is gaming’s greatest moment.

On tinnitus On tinnitus

How Paddy McAloon helps me deal with my eardrum buzz.

Let’s get together at #pcn2013 Let’s get together at #pcn2013

Let’s get together at the PCN Conference 2013.

Stop chaffinches pecking windows Stop chaffinches pecking windows

How to stop chaffinches tapping at your window.

Is Apple losing its way? Is Apple losing its way?

Is Apple’s star about to fall, or can it sustain its amazing success?

Daddy, what’s a mong? Daddy, what’s a mong?

How answering my daughter’s questions makes me doubt that Gervais is right to say ‘mong’.

Guardian copywriting Q&A tomorrow

I’m taking part in another Guardian Careers Q&A on ‘How to break into copywriting’ tomorrow.

Guardian Careers copywriting Q&A this Friday

Tom Albrighton of ABC will be taking part in an online Q&A on ‘Routes into Copywriting’ at the Guardian Careers website this Friday, 15 January, from 12pm to 3pm GMT.