Guardian copywriting Q&A tomorrow

by Tom Albrighton 4 April 2011 Uncategorised

I’m taking part in another Guardian Careers Q&A on ‘How to break into copywriting’ tomorrow, Tuesday April 5.

So, if you want to break into copywriting to steal its jewellery and XBox, turn up here with your swag-bag and a few killer questions for me to pretend I haven’t seen because they’re too hard to answer. My suggestions would be ‘How do I set rates?’ ‘How do I find work?’ and ‘Who are you anyway?’

I’ll be happy to answer them from 1pm until 2.30pm, when I have to do the school run. So if you’re thinking of freelancing, take note of the domestic servitude that awaits you. He who works at home ends up cleaning the loo.

The event proper runs until 4pm, and it includes stalwart fellow copywriters such as Ben Locker and Sally Ormond. So if my answers don’t satisfy, you can just wait until I’ve gone, repost the question and get an answer from a real professional.

Let the inquisition commence!