The copywriting infographic

by Tom Albrighton 13 September 2012 Copywriting, Graphics and infographics, Popular

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Copywriting infographic

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  • This infographic has been used as a teaching resource at Bath Spa University, Temple University (Philadelphia) and Arizona State University.


  • Great infographic demonstrating the importance of getting the words right at the outset. As a web site copywriter and seo manager, I couldn’t agree more about the importance of being involved at the beginning of any project – especially bearing in mind Google’s latest Panda update.

  • Totally brill.

  • Well done!! So glad someone has done this.

  • wm

    I like the “write drunk, edit sober” concept. Got any writing jobs?

  • @wm

    For more on using stimulants to help with copywriting, please read Drink, drugs and copywriting.

    If you’re a UK writer looking to develop your career, you might like to join the Professional Copywriters’ Network.

  • This is wonderful! Thanks!

  • Jessica

    I am a Web Copywriter and this hits the nail on the head! I posted this on all of my social media pages so people will stop asking me what a Copywriter is! Thank you 🙂

  • After almost 43 years as a copywriter, this is one of the best summaries I’ve ever seen. One error — edit for a reading skill level of “Year 10” of school, not “age 10” of reader, so more like 15 years old. This is according to Rudolph Flesch, whose algorithm underlies Word’s readability statistics.

    Thanks especially for the Chekov quote, which I’d never read before. I had always used the blunter, less poetic Hemingway equivalent: “Don’t describe; render.”

    Terrific job on this. Thanks again. I’ll link and recommend.

  • This is one of the best infographic I’ever met. Very good work and tks for sharing

  • @John

    Thanks for the kind words. I didn’t have space to corroborate the ‘age 10’ statement, but this is apparently what the UK tabloid press aim for with their writing. This gives an utterly basic, declarative style that even adults with poor literacy skills can understand – not to mention those who read well, but are not paying a lot of attention.

    In practice, I have found it almost impossible to achieve on content that is conveying even moderately complex ideas. But if my headline didn’t pass this test, I’d probably think about revising it.

    Thanks again for visiting and commenting.

  • Just saw this tweet from the great Drayton Bird:

  • I do like this infographic, I really do, and I hate to be picky but it’s Whiskas that owners prefer isn’t it, not Kitekat? If I’m right, that shows perhaps how some ads and slogans stick in the memory long after brand association has been forgotten. And if we’re choosing favourite quotes, then as a tech copywriter, I’ll go for the Richard Feynman (probably) one, which is so true.

  • @Kathy

    I think you’re right about Whiskas. I’ll put that right soon, along with a few other little slips that no-one’s noticed (yet)…

  • Good stuff. I really enjoyed looking thru this and taking out bits and pieces that work for me. Thanks for the efforts.

  • The Feynman quote is usually attributed to Einstein.

  • Dang! An entire textbook in an infographic. And I’ll say the same on my Google Plus and Facebook pages, too!

  • Anna

    Brilliant. I particularly love the inclusion of a Yoda quote.

  • Excellent post! Advertising and copywriting are not complicated, but businesses need to understand what goes into doing them right. Copy needs to be clear, concise, informative, entertaining, and most of all, it needs to convert!

  • It’s brilliant! Every thing you need within the eyeshot. Thanks a lot for doing such a great job!

  • Fantastic. Best infographic I’ve seen.

  • Fab inforgraphic. Very comprehensive summary of copywriting. I agree with Anna too, Yoda was a welcome addition lol

  • Gary

    Is it possible to print this?

  • You’re welcome to use the PDF however you want, but if you do print the whole thing, it’s rather tall. I may develop a poster version at some point.

  • Gary

    That would be an excellent idea Tom!

  • xiao

    good job! like it ~~

  • Charlie

    Really great infographic.. Exactly what this format is great for. Next time someone asks me “why do I need a copywriter” – I’ll point them at this!

  • JohnnyKills

    Excellent infographic! Clear, simple, full of information and uses relevant, well known examples to great effect.

  • Thanks for the kind words!

  • Nice infographic.