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BerrySys TextTalk PDF

BerrySys, a mobile application developer based in El Salvador, needed concise yet technically accurate text to explain the benefits of the TextTalk application to mobile network operators.

We also suggested the name for the product.




Promotional product sheet (PDF)

Key aim

Promote technical solution to mobile operators

What we wrote

TextTalk – Internet chat via SMS

TextTalk is a new technology platform from BerrySys that allows mobile phone customers to access internet chat accounts using only SMS text messaging.

The opportunity

Internet chat is hugely popular in Latin America and the Caribbean, with many consumers regularly logging on to MSN, Facebook and Google Talk. Even consumers who don’t own a computer will happily pay for access at an internet café, just to catch up on their chat and messages.

Right now, very few consumers enjoy the kind of high-end phone or data plan that would let them access internet chat on the move. At the same time, they love SMS messaging, often choosing to text rather than call.

It seems obvious that people want mobile chat – and are willing to pay for it. What if we could combine the accessibility of SMS with the popularity of internet chat?

The solution

TextTalk, from BerrySys, does exactly that. With TextTalk, your customers can access their chat accounts via SMS, giving them all the fun and convenience of internet chat wherever and whenever they want.

TextTalk makes it easy for your customers. They can carry on using the text-message system they know and love, on the phone they already own. There’s nothing new to learn, nothing extra to pay and no new phone or contract – customers can stay on their existing prepaid or postpaid setup.

The benefits

  • Increase revenue. Customers using TextTalk will naturally spend more on text messaging.
  • Maximize profits. TextTalk gives customers a reason to stick with prepay rather than switching to a postpay contract that may generate less profit.
  • Gain new customers. TextTalk gives new customers an extra reason to switch from a competing network. If prices are equal, customers go for the most features.
  • Flexibility. Each TextTalk solution can be fully customized to offer the features and technical specifications you want.

Perhaps you already offer a proprietary SMS chat room for your customers. If so, you already have proof of their desire for mobile chat. Now, with TextTalk, you can offer them the globally popular chat networks that all their friends use too.

What they say

ABC Copywriting did a wonderful job on translating my ideas and turning them into a great promotional copy of a new IT related product that our company will be releasing soon. We’ll be definitely working with them in the future.

Wilfredo Alfaro