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E-Stress Management needed content for their corporate website, to promote their new online course for managing stress in a sympathetic yet powerful way.


E-Stress Management



Key aim

Promote an online course in stress management

What we wrote

Are you stressed?

We live with more stress than ever before. Changes in the economy, the environment, technology and family structures all pile on the pressure. And on top of that, we still have to deal with the problems of everyday life.

The effects of stress

Stress manifests itself in many ways. First and foremost, there are negative emotions such as anxiety, irritability and depression. Many people also experience mood swings, or a sense that they are being victimised.

Then there are the physical effects. These can include fatigue, high blood pressure, muscle pain, acid stomach, reduced immunity, imbalances in blood sugar or hormones, migraines and poor quality sleep.

All these symptoms can be ‘early warnings’ that you have too much stress in your life.

How people deal with stress

There are different ways of dealing with stress, some more helpful than others. Some people try to ignore it. Others push themselves even harder, putting their physical and mental health at even greater risk. And some make small changes, but find they’re not enough.

To live a balanced, healthy life, we need a broad-based approach to stress management. We need to understand the demands on us from every angle: where they come from, the threats they pose and how they interact with our coping resources, thoughts, feelings, bodily responses and behaviour.

How E-Stress Management can help

E-Stress Management is a holistic, integrated stress management course that brings together all these elements. It will help you develop the skills to deal with demands competently, in a way that supports your wellbeing.

What they say

ABC performed excellent work on the text for my webpages. I am completely satisfied with the friendly service Tom provided and the quality of the work he performed. I would strongly recommend ABC’s services.

Pauline Lummas

Director, E-Stress Management