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Windcrop website

Windcrop provide effective, compact wind turbines at no upfront cost to farmers, schools and businesses throughout the UK.

For their new corporate website, they wanted clear, authoritative yet friendly text to explain why getting a wind turbine makes sense, both economically and ecologically.





Key aim

Explain the benefits of having a wind turbine

What we wrote

A simple, easy way to cut your electricity costs

Our wind turbines give you a source of environmentally friendly electricity on your land – absolutely free.

We work with all kinds of landowners, from famers and smallholders through to schools, caravan parks, rural businesses and homeowners.

Our approach is very simple: you provide the site, we do the rest.

  • Nothing to pay. The system, its installation and its maintenance are fully managed by us, and the electricity is free. There is no cost to you at all.
  • Free electricity. Your wind turbine will generate free power year after year. Each project is different, but most people save about £500 per year.
  • We do it all. We’ll assess your site, get planning permission and build the turbine. All you have to do is agree to let us use your land.
  • We take responsibility. Because we own the turbine, we take full responsibility for running and maintaining it. If it breaks down, we’ll have it up and running again within 72 hours, at no cost to you.

What we do

We build, install and maintain wind turbines on land owned by farmers, smallholders, schools, businesses and homeowners, giving them a completely free source of electricity.

At the time Windcrop was founded, turbines were expensive and unreliable, which discouraged people from investing in them. We wanted to offer a practical, low-risk way for landowners to start generating their own power with no upfront costs.

We designed our own compact, affordable and reliable 5KW wind turbine. We also developed a fast, environmentally friendly installation method and a custom mast. So far, we’ve installed over 250 turbines throughout Norfolk and Suffolk, and we’re now expanding to other areas of the UK.

Our service is completely free to the landowner. We finance the construction of the wind turbine ourselves, and recoup our costs from government payments for electricity generation (the ‘Feed-In Tariff’).

We take care of all the red tape. We sign a 20-year contract with the landowner to use part of their land in return for free electricity. We obtain planning permission, grid-connection permission and registration for the Feed-In Tariff.

The landowner benefits from free electricity, usually saving them around £500 per year. We take full responsibility for operating and maintaining the turbine, and guarantee to have it up and running in 72 hours in the event of a breakdown.

After a while, we sell the developed site to an investment fund, who receive a return on their investment from the Feed-In Tariff. The landowner still owns the land, and continues to enjoy free power, and we continue to maintain the turbine.

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