20 Twitter anxieties

by Tom Albrighton 9 May 2014 Digital and social, Fun


  1. My retweets are getting more retweets than my tweets
  2. The more original stuff I tweet, the more followers I lose
  3. Can’t think of a panoramic background image that adequately sums up my personality
  4. If I fav another tweet by this author, they’ll start to think I fancy them
  5. If I retweet another tweet by this author, everyone else will start to think I fancy them
  6. I can’t think of a way to end this conversation (usually resolved with a fav)
  7. Want to comment on this issue but worried about looking glib, stupid etc
  8. My pictures and movies are so eclectic that I look mad
  9. My tweets are too inane to live up to my work-related bio
  10. My tweets are too work-related to live up to my inane bio
  11. People who followed me for that one tweet must be feeling pretty disappointed by now
  12. Hope no-one I know in real life sees this tweet
  13. My avatar makes me look too grumpy/inane/stupid (delete as applicable)
  14. I don’t really want to follow back this person with 300,000 followers, but they might retweet one of my blog posts (they won’t)
  15. This conversation I’m being @ed in on is really funny but I’m not adding anything to it, like the silent dullard in a group standing at the bar
  16. Will people appreciate that I’m posting this selfie in an ironic, self-mocking way?
  17. Am I actually posting this selfie in an ironic, self-mocking way?
  18. People who post nothing but links get loads of followers. Maybe I should post a load more links
  19. I lost a follower. That means someone looked at my profile, coldly evaluated me like some leftovers they found in their fridge, and then decided to toss me in the rubbish
  20. Need to have more interesting experiences/thoughts so I can tweet about them
  21. Spending too much time worrying about Twitter

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