5 tips for self-promotional list posts

by Tom Albrighton 6 April 2011 Digital and social

I wrote this list post about self-promotional list posts for self-promotion

List posts are an ideal way to gain exposure and credibility. Here are my top five tips for writing self-promotional list posts that get results.

  1. List posts are a great way for anyone, working in any area, to position their expertise as essential for the widest range of clients. So your first point should assert the universal applicability of your niche.
  2. Continue by stating something banal and self-evident as though it’s a revelation. Point 2 should develop the theme established in Point 1, while preparing the ground for Point 3.
  3. Your third point is probably the right time to introduce yourself as the solution to the problem you’ve created and link back to your site. For professional help with segueing seamlessly into the link, contact a copywriter.
  4. Use Point 4 to discourage readers who think they could do it themselves by dropping some scary-sounding jargon. You can resist this disintermediation by alluding to interactive and iterative conversation architecture in the social space through the strategic use of brand advocates and beaconicity metrics.
  5. The well has often run dry by the time you reach Point 5. So just recap what you’ve already said: use list posts to emphasise how essential your area is, position your experience as unique and do your best to scare the reader into action.

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