25 great Twitter disclaimers

by Tom Albrighton 12 March 2012 Digital and social

On Twitter, opinions are like bios – everyone’s got one. And if the former are likely to offend, it’s worth sticking a disclaimer in the latter. Here are some of the better ones I’ve seen.

  • All my opinions are belong to me (@bobblebardsley)
  • My opinions are tissues of quotations drawn from innumerable centres of culture (@TPearsonWriter)
  • Opinions are also those of my employers. They just don’t know it yet (@AngrySubEditor)
  • All views, posts and opinions shared are my own. Unless they are quotes, retweets, or links, natch. (@keithgrimes)
  • Views are my dad’s (@rhodri)
  • Pizzas expressed are my own, not those of Pizza Express. (@_L_M_C_)
  • Opinions expressed too ill-considered to be anything other than my own. (@Pete_RHCB, now @PeteBooks)
  • all my own views. my employers wish they had them. (@noirgames)
  • Views my own – except when I say things I don’t really think. (@benjkendall, former)
  • My views aren’t very interesting so I keep them to a minimum. (@benjkendall, current)
  • These views be mine. (@roshnigoyate)
  • Apparently I need a disclaimer. I talk openly about everything. Live with it. (@naturalgrump)
  • Views expressed are my own, no one else would say such drivel (@GordonMaw)
  • these are my rather average personal tweets (@GuyGarvey)
  • My tweets are mine. (@LukeKingma)
  • Thoughts expressed here are my own and are often silly. (@beabrew)
  • Views are mostly pointless and always my own (@dmmalena)
  • Views very obviously mine. (@thatsoph)
  • Some of the views, posts and opinions shared are my own. (the good ones) (@keithgrimes)
  • Views are my own, at least until I insert them into our publications. (@AngrySubEditor)
  • My tweets represent your employer’s opinions (@Baratunde)
  • All views hers unless they’re yours. (@heatherAtaylor)
  • All views my own except those that I have subconsciously inherited from my parents and those that I have nicked from far cleverer people. (@darrenpublicity)
  • These opinions are my own and not of the imaginary man in the sky. (@brokenbottleboy)
  • Most of this is false. I am making this up. I always tell the truth. (@rummylauded)


Some bios (or usernames) may have changed since I added them to this list.

No copyright or moral infringement intended – if you want me to take anything down, just let me know.

All third-party opinions expressed via Twitter accounts linked to from this page are those of the individuals concerned and do not necessarily represent those of ABC Copywriting, its parent or its affiliates. No responsibility can be accepted for any action you take or refrain from taking as a result of viewing this page and/or the profiles linked to therefrom, including but not limited to modifying your own bio to include all or part of any of these disclaimers or elements thereof.

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