Summertime sadness

by Tom Albrighton 8 September 2018 Freelancing

September marks the end of a freelancer’s most challenging project: dealing with the summer holidays when both partners work.

On the upside, we both work at home, and we know some helpful parents. On the downside, we’ve got an only child and no relatives nearby. So while it could be better, it could be a hell of a lot worse.

As the holidays start, my daughter’s fizzing with excitement, while I’m trying to conceal my inner dread that I’ll never get everything done. Then, as August ends, I can’t help feeling relieved that we can return to our normal routine.

I hate having both those reactions. While freelance work will come again (touch wood), each precious summer will never come again. We may only have a handful of whole-family summers left, and to wish them away is ridiculous. Memories matter more than money.

And yet, I must provide – and that means keeping clients happy. Although actually, their ambitious summer plans are frequently swallowed by their own holidays, their ‘urgent’ projects washed away like sandcastles.

In the end, like most freelancing nightmares, this one rarely comes true. Everything works out OK, and when the sun finally sets on the holidays, we can all look back on a job well done. Until next year…

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