Why I don’t do free copywriting samples

by Tom Albrighton 9 November 2018 Freelancing

I generally don’t do free copywriting samples. If you request one, here’s what I might say.

Word 'free' in 3D letters

First, I don’t know anything about your business yet. So my ‘sample’ would be way wide of the mark and full of distracting errors. And it wouldn’t represent my work.

Second, we haven’t yet agreed the right tone of voice for your brand. So even if I got the facts right, the sample would sound all wrong. Again, unlike my final copy.

Third, if you pit me against other writers, I’ll end up writing some flashy, wordy BS in the hope of dazzling you and outshining the competition. Instead, I should be writing with clarity and purpose, to reach and persuade your customer. Which I’ll do, if you choose me.

Fourth, my site includes about 40,000 of my words, including several real-life copy samples. Plus my book. It should be clear what I can and can’t do.

Finally, you’re trying to get something for nothing, and that upsets me. Of course, there’s a power imbalance in any client–supplier relationship. But instead of playing that down and trying to build a partnership, you’re trying to exploit it. That makes me feel resentful right off the bat – and anxious about the future too.

But thanks for considering me, and good luck with your project.

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