Help me colour my office

by Tom Albrighton 8 November 2011 Fun

OK, I realise this is a bit of a departure for this blog, and arguably a complete waste of your time. But if you can be bothered, I’d welcome your views on which of these colours I should paint my office, which is being redecorated next week.

Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Yes, you can discuss the colour names (and colour names in general) if you want. In fact, that will give this post some badly needed legitimacy.
  • Yes, the choice of blue is non-negotiable. I’m using it because blue light is supposed to make you more alert.
  • Yes, I know it will ‘feel cold’. I feel cold all the time anyway.
  • Yes, I realise that this mobile-phone snap is a hopeless reproduction of the colours. Deal with it. I’ve fiddled with the variations in Photoshop until it looks like what I can see on the wall. That’s as good as it gets I’m afraid.
  • No, I’m not going back to B&Q to get any more sample pots. They were all in the wrong racks and even finding these ones took far too long.
  • The carpet will be a sort of nondescript browny beige oatmeal sort of colour that I chose so I’d be able to change the wall colour if I wanted (pathetic fence-sitting in other words).
  • Yes, I am finally replacing the green carpet with a hole that was mentioned in this post.
  • Any comments including jokes along the lines of ‘getting the blues’ etc are liable to be redacted or deleted.
  • Yes, it has to be blue. I told you before. I don’t care if it makes me ‘feel sad’, this isn’t a toy shop.