The Toast Plate

by Tom Albrighton 23 February 2012 Fun

I had an intriguing discussion today on Twitter about the best way to serve multiple slices of toast (side by side on a large plate, or piled up on a small one?). This got me thinking, Dyson-style, about the limitations of most current methods for serving toast. They’re simply not fit for purpose.

Now, I can unveil the next generation of toast serving devices: the Toast Plate. (Possible tagline: ‘Make the most of your toast’.)

Introducing the Toast Plate

The Toast Plate takes toast to the next level. It’s made from sturdy, high-quality white ceramic and boasts a wide range of features tailored specifically to the demands of toast eaters.

It’s been designed to take two slices hewn from even the largest loaf, and can function perfectly as a buttering platform if the user prefers not to dirty the breadboard.

The base features a ventilation hole and several scientifically tested ridges, which together allow air to circulate around the toast, preventing the unwelcome phenomenon of ‘toast sweat’ and keeping the underside of both slices perfectly crisp.

Vertical cross section

A carefully designed rim around the edge of the plate prevents slices from slipping off on to the floor, while also conserving ambient heat around the toast. It also allows a tea-towel or similar insulatory material to be draped over the top of the plate, for example in case the doorbell rings just after the toaster has popped.

Future iterations may include integral ramekins for butter and/or other spreads, or possibly a built-in canopy for those who like to keep their toast as warm as possible.

In the event of BKCC (butter-knife crumb contamination), unwanted bits of butter can easily be scraped off the knife onto the underside of the rim, where they will be perfectly concealed until discovered by whoever does the washing up.

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