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Do copywriters need a new name? Do copywriters need a new name?

Is the term ‘copywriter’ becoming less useful in the age of content mills? Do we need a new way to differentiate ‘content creation’ from ‘content consultancy’?

SEO: The gardener’s perspective SEO: The gardener’s perspective

What could Alan Titchmarsh or Monty Don teach students of SEO? Quite a lot, as it turns out – great SEOaks from tiny acorns grow. Read on to learn about the parallels between cultivating plants and cultivating links.

In defence of SEO copywriting

The value of SEO and specialist online copywriting is often questioned. But the nature of the online experience means that particular approaches are required if commercial benefits are to be realised.

Google, social search and the future of online PR

The future of search marketing depends on Google’s ability to sift through the spam, in social media and elsewhere. Louis Venter of Mediavision looks in to his crystal ball.

How to plan your user’s online journey How to plan your user’s online journey

Your user’s online journey begins long before they arrive at your site, and continues after they leave. Here are some ideas for planning and optimising your user’s path to purchasing.

Where next for SEO? Where next for SEO?

Current search marketing practices, such as article marketing, are clearly unsustainable. But how will search evolve in the future?

SEO: Play to win

It’s easy to get over-involved in the cut and thrust of SEO, forgetting that the real aim is to generate new business.

SEO: The toughest sell SEO: The toughest sell

With its open-ended budgets, uncertain outcomes and baffling terminology, SEO has to be one of the toughest services to sell